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What is Karat Gold ?
We use the term 22kt gold, 18kt gold often while buying goldImage jewellery but do we really know what it is ?
Karat is the measurement of purity of gold content. In India different jewellers quote different prices for 22 kt and 18 kt gold, this further adds to our confusion of how to calculate correct price of karat gold. 

24 Kt = 100% 
1 Kt = 100 / 24 = 4.167%
22 Kt = 4.167% x 22 = 91.67% 
18 Kt = 4.167% x 18 = 75%

Online diamond buying and selling platform of manoharlal Sarraf & sons jewellers Meerut

Mldiamond bourse can be an online diamond buying and selling platform of manoharlal Sarraf & sons jewellers Meerut, mldiamond bourse supplies a transparent & easy to use platform to you or the Owner to procure or to own Best possible diamonds at the ideal prices, it is in essence transparent modern diamond retail to buy certified solitaires in best prices.

Mldiamond bourse can be a user friendly platform to easily glide from the website using the buying needs, like when you have certain amount in which you intend to search a solitaire you possibly can click search diamonds by amount & page will appear and select the budget range & search for solitaires in this range. Once you click search it’ll list all the solitaires which are priced in in which range, that will mention the diamonds id, shape, fat, color, clarity, lower, polish, symmetry, fluorescence & official certifications. At this point if you would like check a distinct parameter or you can’t understand a certain thing for example the color mentioned G as with the first solitaire in this article, then you can click on the hyperlink on the color to help you know more around the color grades & the actual grading system, you possibly can return back for your buying process & continue while using purchase.
In the same way you can check other hyperlinks in which you feel which you will want more information for any particular parameter.


From this page you can actually view the distinct diamond with only a simple click, every detail relating to that diamond look & you should check the images as well

If you don’t find any solitaire associated with your search you’ll be able to always send an individual advanced search feedback by exploring this link, once you submit the facts like you label contact no the email id & what exactly you are looking for & submit the proper execution, our experts will search through our database & revert to you once they find something meeting your distinct requirement.

Grade 1 Kashmiri Saffron

While Saffron is usually a Pure Herb it must be kept faraway from Plastics.

Limit shut Silver precious metal & Glass pots are usually most suitable for storage space.

The Exclusive Packages are usually Suitable / One of a kind for Gifting requirements as come back gifts with a marriage and other instances like Diwali.

Most of these features are usually sealed along with tamperproof paper & holographic close to ensure the grade of saffron isn’t jeopardized in virtually any stage of energy.

We can easily present Free of charge custom made Lazer Inscription all the way to 15 personas around the Limit of the Silver precious metal Scenario if the obtain is actually a lot more than 15 bits.

The Silver precious metal pots are usually Hallmarked Gold regarding 95. 5% Wholesomeness.

Kashmiri Saffron will be the solely saffron which has the properties to be able to cross with Rank 1 for the reason that nearly all good heat range regarding seventeen degree & rainwater regarding 80 – 100 cm is crucial for blossom introduction that can be found in the valleys regarding Kashmir solely.

Even though Saffron is actually Ranked on Being unfaithful Details, you will find three primary guidelines that set aside standard saffron & rank 1 kashmiri saffron –
1. Saffranal – for fragrance
2. Bitterness – for flavour
3. Coloring Strength – for color

only Kashmiri saffron is actually capable to be able to cross with Rank 1 Technical specs.

Any plucker is perfect for buying as Rank 1 is actually fine & is necessary with smaller sized variety compared to the standard saffron.


Much like our own historians saffron provides a lot of therapeutic advantages that are explored and so are currently being established scientifically.

Several therapeutic advantages are usually down the page: —

1. Strengthens the Heart by preventing rise in cholesterol.
2. Detoxifies the body.
3. Improves blood circulation.
4. Improves the texture of the Skin.
5. Helps build immunity & improves memory in children.
6. Calms anxiety, nervousness & alleviates depression.
7. Regulates Menstruation.
8. Treats Digestive disorders
9. Eases cough & asthama.

There are lots of content on websites online like steadyhealth. com & ifood. tv set that regularly publish regarding the latest studies currently being carried out regarding the therapeutic benefits of saffron.

Generously look at our own website link http: //www. mlkingfood. com/faq. aspx

Feel liberated to speak to Vibhore in + 91 817171500 for virtually any more querry.Image


The treatment of gemstones is a complex science which has evolved over hundreds of years. The discovery of gems dates back to pre historic period and there are references in Indian Puranas and mythology about various precious Gems those were being amassed and formed part of the treasury of the Emperors. The award for any exemplary achievement either in warfare or in fine arts were rewarded by gifts of precious stones

Gems have become affordable and formed the property of common man later, and Gem studded Jewellery is now part of the wardrobe of any modern woman. From time immemorial besides the use of gems for the ornamental purpose its hidden qualities to substitute vital elements of Human body was known. Though believed as the Magical properties of these stones they were being used for various ends from reaping riches to remedying the maladies.

However it was not until the development of the modern science and chemistry the chemical properties of these natural stones were made known to the society and scientific testing of the stones originated. Further it also came to light that the gems are store house of abundant energy. The colour and the energy Vibrations of different frequencies contained in these stones acts as substitutes of human body elements the imbalance of which causes diseases both physiological and psychological.


Though the identification and the grading of the Gems was once through the most crude and conventional way of close examination and observation by the Human eyes where the subject element was pronounced and the chances of cheating was not uncommon, today there are scientific gem testing labs throughout the world where the grade and genuineness of the Gems are scientifically tested.

We do feel however, that people do not have the right knowledge and awareness about what they are buying.

It is safe to say that most gems which are sold today have been treated in one way or another with un-treated gems being the exception not only in India but also worldwide. Due to the rarity of un-treated gems, they can command a much higher price by comparison to their treated counterpart.

Many gems are heated to very high temperatures to enhance colour and/or clarity. . In most cases the heating enhances the gemstone to make it more beautiful, so a higher price may result

 Since a customer makes the investment of buying the gems rough he wants the final product to be as salable as possible. But with heating of gemstones, the sale value of these gemstones decreases tremendously and is equivalent to minimum value. Moreover, by the time the stones enter into the market it may have passed through several hands and disclosure of treatment does not always occur.

Ideally disclosure of enhancement is the job of the seller, but it does not always happen. Each gemstone variety must be considered individually as well as each type of treatment. The seller or jeweler should send these gemstones to the testing lab who in turn give grading certifications and the customer should have the knowledge about authenticity of the certifications and the grading of gemstones

In India, unfortunately, such thing does not happen as even most of the times, jewelers themselves are not aware of this. They do not send these gemstones for testing as they think this to be of pure quality. So, it is of utmost importance that

while buying a gemstones, a buyer shImageould obtain certification certificate from the seller. This would give information whether the particular gemstone is treated or untreated and its grade level. 

Grade 1 Kashmiri Saffron

As Saffron is a Natural Herb it should be kept away from Plastics.

Cap closed Silver & Glass containers are best suited for storage.

The Special Packs are Ideal / Unique for Gifting purposes as return gifts in marriages and other occasions like Diwali.

These packs are sealed with tamperproof paper & holographic seal to ensure that the quality of saffron is not compromised at any point of time.

We can provide Free customized Laser Inscription of up to 15 characters on the Cap of the Silver Case if the order is more than 15 pieces.

The Silver containers are Hallmarked Sterling Silver of 92.5% Purity.

Kashmiri Saffron is the only saffron which has the properties to pass in Grade 1 as the most favourable temperature of 17 degree & rainfall of 80 – 100 cm is essential for flower emergence which exist in the valleys of Kashmir only.

Though Saffron is Graded on Nine Parameters, there are three main parameters which set apart normal saffron & grade 1 kashmiri saffron –

1. Saffranal – for fragrance

2. Bitterness – for flavour

3. Coloring Strength – for color

Only Kashmiri saffron is competent to pass in Grade 1 Specifications.

A plucker is Ideal for picking as Grade 1 is delicate & is required in smaller quantity than the normal saffron.

As per our historians saffron has many medicinal benefits which are now being researched and are being proven scientifically.

Few of the medicinal benefits are listed below:-

  1. Strengthens the Heart by preventing rise in cholesterol.
  2. Detoxifies the body.
  3. Improves blood circulation.
  4. Improves the texture of the Skin.
  5. Helps build immunity & improves memory in children.
  6. Calms anxiety, nervousness & alleviates depression.
  7. Regulates Menstruation.
  8. Treats Digestive disorders
  9. Eases cough & asthama.

There are many articles on websites like & which regularly publish about the latest researches being done about the medicinal benefits of saffron.

Kindly check our website link

Feel free to contact Vibhore at + 91 817171500 for any further querry.


For Good Luck always use Natural (Untreated) Gemstones.

When Astrology evolved there were no treatment of gemstones known to mankind.

The treatments destroy the internal characteristic of the gem.

According to G I A 95% gemstones are available in the market are either heated or treated.

The gemstones are examined by the ML lab intelligently & then sent for double checking and certification by an Internationally Renowned Laboratory which provides a detailed report & seals it with coding in reference to the certificate to secure the gem from being replaced.

ML Natural Gems is the colored stone dImageivision of

Manohar Lal Sarraf and Sons Jewelers, Meerut, located Square One Mall, Saket, New Delhi. The store is run by GIA (Gemological Institute of America) professionals, who ensure that the stones are free from any kind of human manipulation.

Unheated gemstones are extremely rare and valuable.

Always check the level of treatment & the authenticity of the Lab.

For Unheated / Untreated Gemstones visit  or  call Aarti Shekhar on 9810250084

Online Gemstones jewelry

  • bannerGemstones: Bying original natural unheated untreated gemstones is no more a difficult task. At, you can buy gemstones, such as Ruby (Manik), Emerald (Panna), Pearls (Moti), Catseye (Lahsuniya), Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj), and Blue Sapphire (Neelam) with certificate of 100% authenticity and which is a third-party laboratory test report based on scientific parameters & is acknowledged globally. The Gemstones are initially inspected by our Directors, who themselves are Graduate Gemologists from G I A (Gemological Institute of America), & then sent to an Internationally Recognized Lab for grading. Once the Gemstone is Graded as Natural & its Origin is established, then only it is available for the customer as the rarity & resale value of Natural Gemstones is very High.

diamond jewelry

  • Diamond Jewelry: If you want to buy diamond jewelry that pass Hallmark authenticity and D-screen test then is the place for you. Diamond jewelryImage at has hallmark authentication; hence, purity is guaranteed. You have wide range of options to choose from to make occasions like marriage anniversary, ring ceremony, engagement, etc. special with quality and designs available at offers an added advantage to the customers by providing an online service through which they can track the current market value of the product they have purchased as per their convenience to have complete peace of mind. specializes in providing Non Fluorescent, DEF colorless, V V S clarity, with Excellent to Very Good Cut grade Diamonds which provide Maximum Scintillation. These diamonds are individually Laser Inscribed which is again a pioneering initiative by MLSS to provide complete transparency.

Manohar lal Sarraf & Sons Jewellers Meerut, online jewelry shop

Nowadays, people are ready to spend money but they are not interested to waste time, as they lack time. All these requirements have made Manohar Lal Sarraf & Sons (MLSS) jewelers to go online through

MLSS Jewelers have been providing high-quality, authentic, and genuine jewelry, gemstones and Kashmiri saffron since 1920 and now they have been expanding to the worldwide market. Every item – gold jewelryImage, diamond jewelry, gemstones, and Kashmiri saffron that will be purchased from is not only striking to eyes but also cost-effective and genuine.