For Good Luck always use Natural (Untreated) Gemstones.

When Astrology evolved there were no treatment of gemstones known to mankind.

The treatments destroy the internal characteristic of the gem.

According to G I A 95% gemstones are available in the market are either heated or treated.

The gemstones are examined by the ML lab intelligently & then sent for double checking and certification by an Internationally Renowned Laboratory which provides a detailed report & seals it with coding in reference to the certificate to secure the gem from being replaced.

ML Natural Gems is the colored stone dImageivision of

Manohar Lal Sarraf and Sons Jewelers, Meerut, located Square One Mall, Saket, New Delhi. The store is run by GIA (Gemological Institute of America) professionals, who ensure that the stones are free from any kind of human manipulation.

Unheated gemstones are extremely rare and valuable.

Always check the level of treatment & the authenticity of the Lab.

For Unheated / Untreated Gemstones visit  or  call Aarti Shekhar on 9810250084

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